7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about wolves being cruel and heartless creatures. In this article, we will do our best to break those stereotypes proving that wolves are a symbol of many positive things.

Wolves are unique in their creation.

Did you know that the gray wolf is one the rare species that survived after the last Ice Age? Wolves are usually born with blue eyes, after turn 8 months old, their eyes turn yellow. Ancient nations considered wolves a symbol of strength and intelligence.

A wolf pack may include 2 to 30 wolves

7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves You Didn't Know Before

Wolves usually gather and hunt in groups of 2 to 30 wolves that are led by an alpha wolf. The groups are called packs are considered to be like families. Wolves have a special hierarchy in their packs. An alpha is a leader who is allowed to reproduce, the strongest member. The beta wolves are potential new alphas. There are subordinates that also may become alphas through dominance. The omega helps the pack to resolve conflicts without fights amongst themselves and stand for peace among pack members. A pack mentality is very deep in wolves' nature. Their devotion and loyalty to one another create a unique bond and trust between them.

The FRANTDELUX Steel Wolf Bracelet represents a pack of wolves that are bonded forever.

The wolves’ can smell things around 1.75 miles away, and hear things about 6 miles away

7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves You Didn't Know Before

Wolves have strong survival instincts. Their sense of smell is as far as 1.75 miles, and they can hear things as far as 6 miles. Wolves are wild and free animals that will not obey others. Elena Harris in her article says, "When a wolf manifests its presence as a guide in your life, it could be a call to live your life more freely, to bring the intensity of passion in your everyday endeavours".
Our Black Wolf Obsidian Necklace is the creation of a talented designer who wanted to represent the freedom, pride, and honour of being a wolf.

Gender does not determine leadership position among wolves

7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves You Didn't Know Before FrantDelux

Gender is not a factor that followers consider in choosing a leader. Strength, leadership skills, and integrity are the traits that determine an alpha wolf. An alpha has to fight for the position, but there are always other members that will try and take over the leadership. In order to keep its authority, he/she may often have to fight other members.

The Norse Wolf Gemstone Bracelet comes in different colors, represents the fact that any wolf can become a leader.

Wolves are believed to mate for life

7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves You Didn't Know Before FrantDelux  

Wolves are one of the most committed and loyal animals that have ever existed. Unlike many human beings, wolves respect and appreciate their significant others. The wolf couple will do anything to save one another. Whenever a male wolf is in a conflict with another male wolf, females “hide” under their heads. She isn't actually hiding, she is protecting the throat of her loved one so that she can prevent him from being killed.

The Twin Wolves Bracelet reflects the love of a couple, family members, or close friends. If a person has a spirit of a wolf, he or she will never betray or do anything to harm their loved one. This type of person will always be by your side and protect you, no matter what.

Wolves are a major creature in Norse Mythology

 7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves You Didn't Know Before FrantDelux

In North Germanic legends, a wolf named Fenrir fought with Odin the Wanderer, a God in Germanic mythology, and defeated him during the Ragnarok battles.

This legend was an inspiration for the creation of the stunning Nordic Wolf Necklace.

Wolves are associated with the strongest warriors in history, the Vikings.

“Odin and Fenrir” by Dorothy Hardy (1909) 

The enemies of the Vikings described them as violent and bloodthirsty people, calling them "wolves among the sheep". Even though some people often describe wolves as violent creatures, the truth is that they are very sensitive, intelligent, and caring animals. The artist of the Nordic Wolf Drinking Mug put a lot of effort to combine two themes, the Vikings and wolves, in his piece.

Unfortunately, 2000 to 4500 wolves are killed every year

7 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Wolves You Didn't Know Before FrantDelux 

Wolves play a significant role in keeping the ecosystem clean. They help to keep a number of deer and elk populations in balance, which benefits plants and other species. Unfortunately, wolf hunting is very common and roughly 2,000 to 4, 500 wolves are killed each year in the world. 
The Stark Wolf Gemstone Bracelet is a token to remember the lives of lost wolves and as a symbol of awareness for this worldwide problem.


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