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  • Gorgeous Black Wolf Necklace
  • Made of real, premium Obsidian Gemstone
  • Adjustable length (one size fits all)
  • Symbol of power, freedom, and loyalty
  • Exclusive design, not available in other stores
  • Perfect Gift for Dedicated Wolf Lovers!
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Wolves are one of the largest legendary members of the dog family. These animals hunt in packs of six to ten animals, and yet each wolf is strong; able to protect itself. Wolves play a significant role in keeping the ecosystem clean. They help to keep a number of deer and elks in balance, which benefits plants and other species. Unfortunately, hunting on wolves is very common these days and 2,000 to 4, 500 wolves are killed each year. Wolves cannot speak up for themselves on the earth led by human beings, but they stay strong and bring the spirit of freedom, strength, and loyalty to this world. 

The wolves have a deep connection with their instincts and between each other. Elena Harris in her article says, "When a wolf manifests its presence as a guide in your life, it could be a call to live your life more freely, to bring the intensity of passion in your everyday endeavors". The Black Wolf necklace is made out of natural luxury obsidian gemstone. It is a pure stone of a dark color that gets its color from the presence of iron and magnesium in it. This necklace of a high quality is perfect for those people who are not afraid to speak up, live outside the box, take risks, and have a strong spirit.

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