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Relationships with other people determine many aspects of our lives. Relationships with parents, with friends, and significant others are basements of who we are as people. We wanted to send a message of the importance of connections with those around us through Bracelet Signe Infini.

There were millions of songs, poems, books, and drawings about love and other feelings throughout the history. Even today, when people spent all lives gaining material wealth seeking for happiness, all they truly need is loved ones surrounding that them.

Bracelet Signe Infini is made out of Sterling Silver 925 and comes with two charms shaped as circles bounded with each other. This tells us that if people ones come into our lives, they stay in our hearts forever. Even though people come and leave, especially if you travel, they are still in our memories and we will always care about them.

It is important to show people you care about how much you need and appreciate having them in your life. Bracelet Signe Infini underlines value and worth of relationships with loved ones; and giving or having the bracelet that symbolizes those things is a great reminder of love.