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Buddhist Prayer Beads Bracelet - Free Shipping

  • Gorgeous Buddhist Prayer Beads Bracelet
  • Made out of natural black wood
  • Exclusive design, not available in other stores
  • Adjustable size
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Many people think that Buddhist prayer beads are only used to release stress. However, a traditional tool is used for much more deeper reasons. For example, count breaths while meditating, the number of times, prostrations, and repetitions of Buddha's name. The purpose is to find a balance and harmony in life, be able to control it without stress and worries. Buddhist Prayer beads bracelet does not feel heavy on the arm. The bracelet has a very unique and detailed design. It is a symbol of balance, peace, and harmony. If you have or want to have all listed things in life or simply want to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry, this bracelet will suit you perfectly! It may become a great gift to family member/friends who need support in their rushing and stressful lives!

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for shipping. Limit 3 per person!


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