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Quite many people these days have totems with different symbols and meanings that help them to overcome life struggles. One of those symbols is buffalo, a spirit animal, and the charm of Buffalo Bracelet is shaped as a head of this creature.

Usually, Buffalo is chosen as a spirit animal because it symbolizes protection and survival. It will protect its family and help them survive no matter what difficulties surround the creature. Buffalo is very massive and can weigh over 2 thousand pounds.

The animal is known for its strength and having Buffalo Bracelet on your hand will remind and inspire you to be as strong in complicated situations. It is a symbol of courage that many of us need on our challenging life paths.

Buffalo Bracelet is made out of natural grey jasper gemstone. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelry with a significant meaning. There is a belief that if someone has a dream of a bison, then it is about strength and power that person will need in the following period. Buffalo Bracelet will be great for determinant people, and it may become a gift to a person you want to support and encourage.