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  • Gorgeous Fleur-de-lis Agate Bracelet
  • Made of real, authentic matte agate
  • Bracelet length: 17-19 cm
  • Exclusive design, not available in other stores
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Fleur De Lis is a beautiful symbol of one the most popular flowers, the lily. It is an ancient image that has been first associated with French royalty. There is a legend that a golden lily flower was given to Clovis, king of the Franks, by an angel or possibly Virgin Mary. From that point, the symbol was used to represent the purity of Virgin Mary. Later on, the symbol was adopted by many noble European families. The French monarchy used it as association with Church. King Louis VI (or VII) began a tradition of using this symbol for a monarchy in his shield.

The Fleur De Lis agate bracelet is made out of real, authentic matte agate and has a charm with the flower attached to it. It is a luxuries piece of jewelry that will beautify the owner's hand, and become one of the favorite pieces in your collection. Fleur De Lis bracelet may become a great gift to you, your significant other or a friend whom you treat as a royalty!