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  • Gorgeous Mom & Baby Elephant Necklace
  • Made of real, premium Obsidian Gemstone
  • Adjustable length (one size fits all)
  • Perfect gift for all Moms and dedicated Elephant Lovers
  • Symbol of wisdom, strength, royal power, intelligence, and family bond
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Elephants, one of the most unique, emotional, and intelligent animals, are found in Africa and Asia. These vegetarians help a new grass to grow, which creates pathways for smaller animals, also they dig for water in dry seasons for themselves and other animals. Elephants experience the same kind of emotions as humans, such as love, joy, happiness, excitement, fear, grief, and sadness.

Unfortunately, 60-70% of elephants are killed nowadays because of poaching. Since so many elephants are dying, there are fewer and fewer mother elephants that can give birth and have their own families.

Obsidian Elephant Necklace is is a symbol of love, motherhood, and procreation. Elephants have strong family bonds. A famous blogger, Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar, wrote in her article that an elephant mother, "believes that she needs to nurture, protect and encourage her children".

Obsidian Elephant Necklace is made out of natural luxury Obsidian Gemstone. It is a pure stone of a dark color that gets its color from the presence of iron and magnesium in it.

There is no relationship in the world that compares to the connection between a mother and her child. Our Obsidian Elephant Necklace is beautiful reminder of love, for both children and mothers.