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Calavera is a Spanish word for skull. In Mexico, there is a day of the dead (Día de Los Muertos). It is celebrated every year on November 1st. It isn't simply a typical day in Mexico, in fact, it is an official holiday. There is a belief that death ones come back on that day for a visit. One of the main symbols on that day people use is a skull (Calavera). People make sugar skulls and some even compete against each other who will make a better one.

Skull is a symbol of death and mortality. Nowadays it is very often used as a fashion accessory. Many famous designers use it for clothes, bags, and jewelry. The trend of having a symbol of a skull is especially popular among teenagers and young adults. Some fashion trends never get old, and a skull is definitely one of them.

The Pulseras de Calaveras bracelet is one of our customers' favorite items. It is made out of natural lava rock. Pulseras de Calaveras is a high-quality accessory that may be worn every day or for a special occasion.