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Santa Muerte Bracelet isn't simply a gorgeous bracelet, it tells us a story. Santa Muerte is translated as Holy Death, it is a Mexican folk religion. Another term to describe it is a personification of death, basically preceding death as a person. She (death) is associated with protection, healing, and most importantly delivery to the afterlife.

Normally death is associated with something evil, bad, and horrible. However, some people worship Santa Muerte. Even though people are afraid of death, this belief states that it is almost like a celebration. Death is freedom, letting go of all problems and sufferings of this earth.

Santa Muerte Bracelet is not simply a message of death. People who of this religion seek for protection and healing of body and soul. They are not afraid of leaving this earth, in fact, it encourages to be more kind towards and help as much as possible.

Santa Muerte Bracelet is made out of Dark Hematite Gemstone and it is a reminder for all of us to not to be afraid of the ending. It is a reminder to live this life as good as we possibly can and leave a positive memory and contribution into this world.