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SAVE THE SHARKS Rope Bracelet - Buy one get TWO!

For every "SAVE THE SHARKS" bracelet ordered TODAY, we will send you one more bracelet of random color FOR FREE!

  • Gorgeous Shark Rope Bracelet
  • Bracelet length - adjustable (one size fits all)
  • Must-have accessory for dedicated Shark Lovers
  • Perfect gift for all ocean obsessed people
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

From time immemorial sharks have always been treated as ones of the most dangerous species in the world, so-called "undisputed rulers" of the seas and oceans. Besides their great importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem as the top predators, sharks do also have a variety of special features clearly highlighting them among the others. As a symbol composure, purposefulness and severity, sharks make all living creatures feel fear and respect for them.

However, a lot of people still think that sharks are more valuable dead that alive. Fishermen keep killing them in huge amounts, almost 12,000 sharks are being killed every hour. Some species disappeared, many are still endangered. People definitely must do something in order to prevent that, and by distributing our shark rope bracelets we are trying to achieve humans' awareness of this horrifying problem.
Good people, let's not be ignorant. Help us save the sharks!

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for shipping. Limit 3 per person!

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