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Norse mythology is ancient and interesting. It is related to the time of the Vikings, their beliefs, and legends which include powerful and almighty gods. One of those gods was Thor, a god of thunder and lightning.

One of the things that differentiated and distinguished Thor was his famous hammer. According to the legends, it was made by dwarves and was so incredibly heavy that only Thor was able to lift and use it. The power of it helped Thor to win and defeat many evil forces.

The symbol of a hammer is popular even in modern usage. For instance, it is used as a symbol for the coat of arms of Sweden. Also, the capital of Faroe Islands has Thor's hammer on its insignia. The Thor's hammer symbolizes faith of many Germanic Neopagan groups and individuals.

Viking Hammer Necklace is a convenient and high-quality necklace that was designed similarly to the Hammer of Thor. The Viking Hammer Necklace will be great for people who love the history and mythology of the Vikings.